Susan Slagle

Course Description

This course is a prerequisite for Sports Medicine 2.  Sports Medicine 1 will offer exposure to: sports medicine related careers, organizational and administrative considerations, prevention of athletic injuries, recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries, rehabilitation and management skills, taping and wrapping techniques, first aid/CPR/AED, emergency procedures, nutrition, sports psychology, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and therapeutic exercises.

Materials Needed

For personal use: 3 ring binder (2 in), dividers, notebook paper, pen and/or pencil, highlighter, scissors, glue


Grading Breakdown

Participation, Daily Grades, Quizzes = 40%

Homework = 10%

Tests/Projects = 50%



Come to class on time, ready to learn

Be respectful

                -No talking while others are talking

                -Be kind to one another

                -Raise your hand when you want to speak

                -Treat others the way you want to be treated

Respect each other’s property

Be responsible

Only water allowed in classroom, clear bottle with lid

No food or gum

No foul language

No phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the classroom


1st offense – Warning

2nd offense – Phone call to parent

3rd offense – Parent-teacher meeting

4th offense – office referral



Most homework will be completed in class. However, there will be times that work will need to be taken home to complete. If it is one day late, the highest grade you can make is a 70. If your homework is two days late, the highest grade you can make is a 50. If your homework is three days late, the highest grade you can make is a 0. If you are out sick, you will hand in your work to me when you get back, at the beginning of class. If you will be out for an extracurricular activity, see me before you leave. You are responsible for the same work as everyone else.


Course Breakdown

I reserve the right to change the order of material, or add any subjects.


Intro to Sports Medicine

Basic anatomical terms

Medical Terminology

Anatomy of the body

Overview of various injuries

Taping, wrapping, bracing

Rehabilitation principals

Organization and Administration

Sports Psychology

First Aid

Equipment Fitting and Removal