Dennis Bogdan

My name is Dennis Bogdan and I will be the instructor for Liberty Hill's new Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Program (LPSCS). I am originally from New Jersey where I served for 26 years as law enforcement officer. I’ve also worked during that time in higher education as criminal justice lecturer. I hold a master’s degree in forensic psychology, and I possess numerous certifications in specialized police operations and investigations. My family and I have chosen the beautiful state of Texas to be the home of our family, and with great enthusiasm and excitement I am teaching, supporting, and mentoring, our students at Liberty Hill High School.

It is my goal to prepare our students  students for the  demands of tomorrow's workforce. This requires effective teaching that enables students to think critically, creatively, and globally.  Students are an active part of the learning process, and it is paramount that they become participants in the discovery of  knowledge rather than passive recipients of  it.  

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