Rob Nielson

Welcome to Liberty Hill ASL

Rob "Nuts" Nielson

My schedule:

7:50 8:25      Tutorials   
 8:30  9:15      Conference  
 9:20  10:05      2nd Period  ASL 3
 10:10  11:00      3rd Period  ASL 1
 11:05  11:50      4th Period  ASL 1
 11:55  12:25      5th Period  
12:25 12:55      Lunch  
 1:00  1:30      5th Period  
 1:35  2:20      6th Period  ASL 2
2:25 3:10      7th Period   ASL 2
3:15  4:00      8th Period  ASL 1

Hello students and parents!

I've been teaching ASL at various capacities (college, Deaf centers, high school, etc.) for over two decades. I've been teaching full-time at the high school level since 2006. I have been a part of the Liberty Hill High School family since 2016.

I am Deaf and am very passionate about my language and culture. Students will be immersed in both every day in class. 

To quote TEKS (Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge):

"The study of world languages is an essential part of education. In the 21st century language classroom, students gain an understanding of two basic aspects of human existence: the nature of communication and the complexity of culture. Students become aware of multiple perspectives and means of expression, which lead to an appreciation of difference and diversity. Further benefits of foreign language study include stronger cognitive development, increased creativity, and divergent thinking. Students who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural context, are globally literate and possess the attributes of successful participants in the world community."

In short students become more aware, more appreciative and sensitive of diversity, learn to think and perceive differently, and broaden their horizons. American Sign Language is a very expressive, beautiful, and complex language that is unrelated to English. The Deaf culture is also a very rich one with its members very proud of their history and traditions.

Some helpful/interesting things:

Last year we started a chapter of the ‚ÄčNational ASL Honor Society. This is for students who are very passionate about ASL and the Deaf culture. It looks great on resumes and college applications as well as giving them an opportunity to earn scholarships and work to increase awareness of ASL and Deaf culture on campus and in the community.

We have an ASL Club where kids can have opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun outside of the classroom.

Parent involvement has always been a huge plus with our students. We will have activities and events where support from parents will be very helpful!

I use REMIND to send text reminders to students and parents about important information. Please click on the REMIND link to the left.

VERY IMPORTANT - Parents, please make sure your contact information on Skyward (especially your email address) is up to date. Being that I am Deaf, email is my primary way to be in touch with you. So please take a moment, even if you think it's already up to date, to double-check and make sure.