Julia Schoolenberg

AP World History Google Classroom - https://sites.google.com/s/0B60Lf3zAzC-mTEdyaE04MkN0QVE/p/0B60Lf3zAzC-mczhMeWxITllyVjQ/edit


1st Pd-- OnRamps US History
2nd Pd--OnRamps US History
3rd Pd-- Conference
4th Pd-- OnRamps US History
5th Pd-- OnRamps US History
6th Pd-- AP World History
7th Pd-- PLC US History
8th Pd-- AP World History

Phone: 512-260-5500 ext 7127
Email: jschoolenberg@libertyhill.txed.net

Online Textbook:
Ways of the World Online Textbook

Good AP Websites for information: 
Website for podcasts and other AP info with handouts: http://historyhaven.com/

AP Grading Policies: 

I allow for re-do/retakes of weekly quizzes for up to a 70. 

I allow for re-do/retakes of tests for an average of the two scores up to a 70.