Jennifer Gonzalez

Bienvenidos al sitio de la Sra. González. 

Please remember that grades are available all of the time and are updated daily.  If your student needs to retake a test or make up any work due to an absence, that is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for tutorials or advisory.  

Amazing Student Shout Out!!!  Jared Oswalt scored a bronze medal and Sofia Truax scored Honorable Mention on the 2017 Level 2 National Spanish Exam given for the first time this year.  13 students voluntarily gave up their free time to study for this test which serves as a foundation for the AP test.  Morgan Endsley was the next highest and was just ONE point away from the Honorable Mention category.  Way to go, Spanish 2 students!  And speaking of AP tests, Dalton Phifer took it upon himself to find a school where he could sit for the Spanish Level 4 AP test and with little to no preparation he just strolled in and PASSED the test!  Could he be any more awesome?  

Starting in 2018, I will be organizing two week study abroad opportunities in Spain for our students.  The experience will consist of living with an approved host family, morning Spanish classes, afternoon and weekend travel adventures and plenty of time for sports, relaxing and meeting new people.  The cost will include everything except lunch and any shopping that the student may want to do.  This will be an unforgettable and affordable way for your student to truly use their Spanish, improve their conversational skills and get to know the culture, food and new friends a world away.  Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity!  

Sra. González

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My conference is third period this year.