Barry Boren

Pic of BBoren

English II / Physical Education
Boys' Basketball / Spring Tennis

Teaching Schedule:

1st Period - Athletics
2nd Period - Boys PE
3rd Period - Boys PE
4th Period - Varsity Athletics
5th Period - English II
6th Period - English II
7th Period - Conference

Contact Info:

Coach Boren, Room 211
Men's Basketball Coaches' Office
office phone: (512) 260-5515
Extension: 7211 & 5515
I am Coach Barry Boren, and I am beginning my sixteenth year here at Liberty Hill High School.  I teach Boys' PE and English II.  I also am the Head Boys' Basketball Coach and assist in Tennis.  (I assist with tennis in the Spring.) 
Liberty Hill is an awesome community and school system because of the people!  We have great kids and parents!  I have been a coach/teacher for 38 years, so I can say that this is "my favorite place" in this great state!