Shyla Vickers

Welcome to my website.  I am a mathematics teacher at Liberty Hill High School, and I'm looking forward to a great year!

Class Schedule
1st: Pre AP Pre Calculus
2nd: AP Calculus AB
3rd: Pre AP Pre Calculus
4th: Pre AP Pre Calculus
5th: Conference
6th: Pre AP Pre Calculus
7th: Pre AP Pre Calculus

Education & Teaching Background
*Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Tarleton State University
*19 years of teaching experience

Helpful Information

  • I am available for tutorials in my classroom from 7:55 to 8:25am.  
  • Wednesday mornings are for meetings, so sometimes I'm available for tutorials.
  • Every 5 weeks, I have morning duty, but you can come find me for help in the cafeteria hallway on the theater side.


  • 50% Major Grades
  • 30% Minor Grades
  • 20% Other

Contact Info
512-260-5500 Room 107
Extension- 7107